LasFest 2018

1st International Theater Festival in the Forest

Wild Boar Edition




▲ LasLab:

* "Try out Hamlet" – work in progress presentation by Mannes/Christl/Bielski/Laskowski/Coincidentia (Poland/Germany) – 09.08 at 20.00

▲ Species found in Poland:

* "Huljet, huljet" Teatr Figur/Poland - 10.08 at 18.00, 19.15, 20.30

* "Straszka pospolita" Grupa Coincidentia/Poland - 13.08 at 18.00

▲Species rarely found in Poland:

* „And my Heart Almost Stood Still” Ari Teperberg/Israel - 11.08 at 20.00

* „Rusty Nails & Other Heroes” TamTam Objectentheater/Netherlands - 12.08 at 18.00

* „ 3 Acts. The silent song of forwardness" Antje Töpfer/Germany - 14.08 at 20.00

▲ Oak Forum:

* Meeting with the artists participating in “Try out Hamlet” project - 09.08 (after the presentation around 21.00)

* Meeting with the creators of „Rusty Nails & Other Heroes” TamTam Objectentheater – 12.08 (after the performance around 19.30)

▲ Roar of the Wild:

* “Songs of Bob Dylan” Łukasz Lach/Poland - 15.08 at 20.00


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Project financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and the Podlasie Voivodship, organized by the Association for Artistic Promotion in collaboration with the Bialystok Puppet Theater.




Session - "Try out Hamlet"



Hendrik Mannes – Director

Antonia Christl – Dramaturg

Jerzy Bielski – Composer, performer

Dagmara Sowa, Mariusz Laskowski, Paweł Chomczyk – Performers



“Besides, to be demanded of a sponge! What replication should be made by the son of a king? – Take you me for a sponge, my lord? – Ay, sir, that soaks up the king's countenance, his rewards, his authorities. But such officers do the king best service in the end: when he needs what you have gleaned, it is but squeezing you, and, sponge, you shall be dry again. – I understand you not, my lord. – I am glad of it: a knavish speech sleeps in a foolish ear. “ (William Shakespeare, Hamlet, IV,2)


How does it feel to pretend to be "Just Kids" again? The scene is post-punk traumatized and everyone is corrupted – so which strategy do you invent? Shakespeare's masterpiece itself is a sponge. It absorbs the present. It reflects every sliver of a current social situation, a current generation directly, more than his other plays. Only one place has remained vacant – it is Yorick’s, the fool's place. "Try out Hamlet" will be further developed, rehearsed and performed as ‘work in progress’ over the next three years. The first set features the kids: Hamlet, Laertes and Ophelia. I take your shoes, let's dance!



Teatr Figur - "Hulyet hulyet"

Hulyet, hulyet is a theatrical installation, produced in TFK’s collaboration with the Historical Museum of the City of Kraków, the Oskar Schindler’s Enamel Factory Branch. 
The installation consists of seven mansion stages, installed in old suitcases, where the topic of the Kraków Ghetto. The spectators’ attention is drawn to the Ghetto life – the ways used to preserve tradition, resistance against the Nazis, smuggled kosher food, heroic attempts to preserve dignity, self-organization of the community. It is an impressionistic record of the last moments in the life of Jewish Kraków citizens. The installation was inspired by the photographs exhibited in the Schindler’s Enamel Factory and memoirs of the inhabitants of the Ghetto.


direction: Dagmara Żabska, Alla Maslovskaya

idea: the team of TFK

scenography: Agnieszka Polańska, Beata Klimkowska, Edyta Stajniak

music: Andrzej Bonarek

production: Marta Hankus

cast: Agnieszka Polańska, Piotr Idziak, Mateusz Wróbel, Marta Hankus, Dagmara Żabska



Ari Teperberg - "And my Heart Almost Stood Still"

an interrupted solo, inspired by Beethoven's 9th Symphony and a letter

by Helen Keller


I'm standing in front of you with my eyes closed.

The sounds you make bring me to life.

Can we experience the world with utmost sensitivity, allowing even the smallest sensation to become connection, communication, pleasure?

Can we grow deaf and blind together?


The trigger for this creation process was a letter sent by the famous deaf-blind author and intellectual Helen Keller to the New-York Symphony Orchestra in 1924, in which she describes how she “listened” to their performance of Beethoven’s 9th symphony, simply by touching the radio’s membrane and feeling the vibrations.


Ari takes the viewers on a journey into his own world of nonverbal, sensual communication where even the subtlest of sensations becomes full of joy, pain or beauty. Inspired by Keller’s observations and by the connection she felt to Beethoven, who was himself deaf, this piece celebrates music’s power to communicate beyond boundaries, disabilities and loneliness.


The piece attempts to generate a space of heightened sensation, in which an alchemy between the senses takes place. The text by Keller, as well as Beethoven’s haunting music, appears and disappears through different mediums and vibrates like a suppressed volcanic force, seeking to erupt. We are granted a close-up look into the body of the performer, who calibrates himself to hypersensitivity, seeking for an alternative language through which to communicate.


Maker, performer: Ari Teperberg

Performer, musician, creation partner: Avshalom Ariel

Sound design, creation partner: Tomer Damsky

Lighting design and scenography: Omer Sheizaf

Costumes: Dor Frank

Production and international relations: Katherina Vasiliadis


The piece is a co-production with Westfluegel Theatre in Leipzig, Germany and the Independent Theatre Makers' Association in Israel



TamTam Objektentheater - "Rusty Nails & Other Heroes"

A cross-over between theater, visual art and animation movie with found objects as actors

An award winning poetic visual performance that takes you to another world. A world of metamorphosis, where nothing is what it seems, and everything can become something else.

Right before the eyes of the audience worthless finds, picked up from street corners and rescued from the gutter change into actors in a visual performance.

Players slide an old cardboard under a camera and on the horizon a desert appears.

A rusty saw plays the sea.

Maple seeds become gentle birds and old working gloves an endless swamp.

A mother turns into a landscape.

Sun becomes moon.

Omnipresent is the enchanting music that pulls the viewer into the story.

Text is superfluous.

Everyone can make his own story in his own head.

It is theatre that works as a charger for the imagination, so don't forget to take it with you !



Developped and performed by: Gérard Schiphorst en Marije van der Sande

Music composition and soundtrack: Gérard Schiphorst (tango: Oleg Fateev)

Third eye: Jeroen van Westen

Artistic advisors: Henk Boerwinkel and Aus Greidanus Sr.

Technical assistant: Bert Nijmeijer




Grupa Coincidentia - "Straszka pospolita"


Common scare – would be the literal translation of polish name Straszka pospolita. While this popular dragonfly species can be found by the lake or by the river, common fears are found eeeeeeeeeeeeverywhereeeeeeeeeeeeee. Once they are larger, once smaller. They lurk on children and adults day and night. Where do they come from? How do they work? Why and what for are we scared? These questions are brought up in the latest performance by the Coincidentia Group, who invites viewers every age to a peculiar laboratory of fear and joint exploration of its essence. It is a crazy journey into the depths of the human head, bizarre dreams, a bedtime stories and fables, realized through a collage of fantasies and theatrical experiments. Artists recreate on stage the mechanisms of fear by playing with different conventions, by stage improvisations, scientific texts, dramatic as well as authentic children's stories. Performers use a wide range of means of expression from acting, puppetry, material and visual theater to live music, embracing the piece with a great deal of humor and absurdity. It is "funny and scary" encouragement of taming fears, addressed not only to the little viewers.


Stage design: Małgorzata Tarasewicz – Wosik

Music: Jerzy Bielski

Script: Anna Andraka, Paweł Chomczyk

Choreography: Karolina Garbacik

Cast: Dagmara Sowa, Paweł Chomczyk

Live music: Robert Jurčo, Piotr Chociej / Bogusław Kasperuk

Direction: Grupa Coincidentia



A spectacle for viewers from the age of seven.



Project financed from the budget of the City of Bialystok and the Marshal's Office of the Podlasie Voivodship.




Antje Töpfer - "3 acts. The silent song of forwardness"


Three apparently leftover "materials" from older theatreworks are returning on stage, as they don not let go the actress.

out of mythological, biographical and fictional matters Stefanie Oberhoff directed an evening that deals with the subject of obstinate material, the stubbornness of ideas and of

much needed transformations. The aesthetic resoluteness, fine interaction, the sensuality and formal concentration that Antje Töpfer together with the musician Christoph Hamann are bringing on stage is touching, activating and will stay in your memory for a long time…



" the elusive sheet of pictures are staying before the mental eye of the spectator like a holographic Painting on stage....the way that in the end here you are seeing "nothing", one has to see." "3 acts is showing in a fulminant way, what material- and figuretheatre is able to put on stage. must see!" " Antje Töpfer set a milestone, also because of her easy and workshoplike handling of the performance."


Scenography/Acting: Antje Töpfer

Direction: Stefanie Oberhoff

Music/Komposition: Christoph mäcki Hamann

Productionmanagement/Light: Florian Feisel


previous scenic works of research with

Katja F.M. Wolf (choreography at unFOLD)

Florin Feisel (Supervision at unCOVER)

Anna Peschke(Direction of reBONE)


3 acts is a coproduction with FITZ! Zentrum für Figurentheater Stuttgart and Schaubude, Puppentheater Berlin; it is friendly supported by Goethe-Institut Villa Kamogawa Kyoto and the Theaterhaus Mitte Berlin; it is funded by: the city of Stuttgart, the Landesverband Freier Theater Baden-Württemberg e.V., Ministeriums für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst,

the Fonds Darstellende Künste e.V. and Stiftungen der Landesbank Baden-Württemberg




Łukasz Lach - "Songs of Bob Dylan"


Łukasz Lach and Adam Lewartowski from L.Stadt band interpret one of the greatest artists of our time, Nobel Prize laureate - Bob Dylan.

Łukasz Lach is a vocalist, instrumentalist and composer. He began his adventure with music at the age of 12 as a frontman of the Puzzle and musician of the pop-rock band L.O.27.

He is a co-founder and leader of L.Stadt, ranked among the most interesting representatives of contemporary alternative rock. Together with the band, he recorded four well-received albums (the last album of L.Story promoted by the song "Oczy Kamienic"), played hundreds of concerts in Poland and abroad, and took part in many prestigious festivals.

The project "Songs by Bob Dylan" was created for the needs of the festival "Łódź Czterech Kultur" in 2017. The artist treats Dylan's songs in a very personal way - as he claims, he has always been a fan of his and has always perceived him as a spiritual and musical guide. During the concert of the singer in 1994 in Krakow, he managed to meet Dylan in person and even play and sing for him.

- For the project I chose the songs that are closest to me, which I’ve been always singing and which I have adopted over the years as my own. Naturally, there is much more of the important songs, so choosing the most important ones was a great challenge says - Łukasz Lach.