Based on The Tale of King Gnuff by Stanisław Lem


Co production

Grupa Coincidentia & The Białystok Puppet Theater

written and directed by Paweł Aigner

stage design: Pavel Hubićka

music: Robert Jurćo

songs lyrics: Aneta Wróbel, Adam Wojtyszko

director's assistant: Robert Jarosz


King Murdas: Paweł Chomczyk

Fool: Dagmara Sowa

Sage: Robert Jurćo


...Now strikes the hour, now strike the kin,

A family war is ushered in...


After the good king Heliksander's death, his son, Murdas, ascended the throne. Everyone was worried about this because he was ambitious and cowardly. He was afraid of draughts, ghosts and wax, relatives and prophecies. He ordered to enlarge his person to extend beyond the horizons. He was spreading little by little but inexorably and so he became many – storied, precisely connected, enhanced with identity substations the whole kingdom in one Royal Person. Nothing was able to deprive him of his throne and life. Nothing accept of his own fears, dreams, thoughts...


The battle has begun: to comb and ceaselessly probe the entire, own, sovereign self, the kingdom of being. The conspiracy can slumber in some secret corner of vast consciousness!

The tale for adults performed by actors and objects.


Financial support provided by: International Visegrad Fund, The City Mayor of Białystok, Urząd Marszałkowski Województwa Podlaskiego.