Based on texts by Jan Krupski, Jędrzej Cierniak and Julian Lewański


script and direction: Dagmara Sowa, Paweł Chomczyk

puppets design: Wiesław Jurkowski

puppets makers: Zbigniew Romanyk, Małgorzata Roman, Helena Popławska,Teresa Czerniawska

puppet stage maker: Marek Szyszko

cast: Dagmara Sowa, Paweł Chomczyk


Puppet creche based on architecture of the city of Krakow, twenty one rod puppets operated by two puppeteers, stories of: Holly Mary and Angel, Sheppards following the Bethlehem star, King Herod, People bowing down at a crib and the Devil causing problems, all told in old Polish poem (with English introductions) with traditional singing.


The performance of Szopka – Polish Nativity Play has evolved on the crossroads on which two ways met: the way of us - people devoted to contemporary puppetry and acting, and the way of Polish traditions of puppetry – rod puppets. This performance brought another point of view on what we do – the breath of tradition and awareness of our roots.


Financially supported by The City Mayor of Białystok. Project made in collaboration with Theater Academy, Department of Puppetry Arts in Bialystok.