Grupa Coincidentia

in co production with Bialystok Puppet Theater


Brian Patten



based on Brian Patten's "The Elephant and the Flower", in polish translation by Piotr Sommer


script and direction: Robert Jarosz

stage design: Pavel Hubička

music: Piotr Klimek

visual effects: Krzysztof Kiziewicz



Dagmara Sowa

Paweł Chomczyk

Michał Jarmoszuk


live music: Robert Jurčo


In the jungle that was almost a forest... that was almost a wood... that was almost a garden... there were unusual things happening. Flower ran, Hyena joked, Sparrow recited poems, Monkeys helped sun to rise, Pig side-stepped, Butterfly asked silly questions, Worms had interest in the theater and Plinkinplonks made dreams come true.

One day, a floating downstream leaf, brought to the jungle the smallest Elephant on earth. He didn't know where he came from. He didn't remember who sent him there. He had one dream of being the very largest elephant in the world. And to become large, you'd have to: find a friend, figure out what makes the sun rise every morning, release the Waterlilly, give credit to Hyena's comic talent, help the tormented worms, teach Pig to speak about colors, defeat the Moonbeam-cutter and find the place, where a river becomes a lake. So many challenges for somebody who is roughly two and a bit inches.

Grow little Elephant. And shall the jungle gods take care of you.


Performance made with financial support provided by Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, City Mayor of Bialystok, Urząd Marszałkowski Województwa Podlaskiego, stipend program of Minister of Culture and National Heritage .


This production has been licensed by arrangement with The Agency (London) Ltd, 24 Pottery Lane, London W11 4LZ e-mail:


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