Grupa Coincidentia & neTTheatre




written and directed by: Paweł Passini

visual effects: Maria Porzyc

music: Pawel Passini

stage design collaboration: Michalina Kostecka

sign language tutor: Magdalena Urbańska

cast: Dagmara Sowa, Katarzyna Tadeusz, Iga Załęczna, Paweł Chomczyk, Mariusz Laskowski




The last, unfinished opera by Giaccomo Puccini, the story of Chinese princess Turandot – asking riddles and killing the suitors, not able to give the correct answers. Puccini enters the kingdom of her, covered under a mask of eccentric prince Kalaf. Composer, called by media in New York the most known man in the world, owner of 17 cars and hundreds million dollars, is aware of being close to death because of larynx cancer. For years he keeps in his mind a vision of Doria Manfredi - a servant, who poisoned herself after being suspected of having an affair with Maestro. She starved herself and drank poison to become a more subtle matter after three days of agony. The autopsy of her body became an evidence of her virginity. Since that moment prostitutes, geishas and servants in Maestro's operas keep killing herself with an annoyingly thrilling singing coming out from their mouths. That is why ,beside cold princess Turandot, a servant Liu appears on the stage – of course to take her own life... and sing. Puccini's work stops with her last aria. He will never write anything more. He will wake up in China, where his music is not heard and the official language is a sign language. In the kingdom of Turandot cruelty and time count differently. Princess and Puccini, accompanied by scream of a tortured ones, search for a formula of a love – chord.


Trip to an Interzone inspired by William Borroughs "Naked Lunch". On opera for deaf people. The newest premiere of Grupa Coincidentia and neTTheatre – come and solve the riddles. (Polish Sign Languge is used in the performance).


Project made in a co production between Grupa Coincidentia and Centre of Culture in Lublin with financial support provided by Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and The City Mayor of Białystok.