C o i n c i d e n t i a  is a crossroad at which creative ideas meet in a non-haphazard albeit sometimes inexplicable manner.


C o i n c i d e n t i a  is an utopian striving towards contacts with spaces in which contradictions mutually permeate and harmoniously coexist.


C o i n c i d e n t i a  is a merge of the autonomous creative paths followed by artists penetrating assorted spaces of theater's life.


G r u p a  C o i n c i d e n t i a  is a theater which unites the opposites.


Grupa Coincidentia is an freelanced theater, founded in September 2009 by Dagmara Sowa and Paweł Chomczyk. Grupa combines in it's performances many different means of expression: traditional and contemporary puppetry, acting, visual theater, object theater, miming, singing. Grupa Coincidentia has produced thirteen performances of: Murdas.The Tale, The Floorless, The Third Name of a Cat, Szopka – Polish Nativity Play, Turandot, Krabat, Concert for Cor, Drum and viola, Krwawa Jatka, The Elephant and the Flower, Faza REM Phase, Made in Heaven, The Monstrum Band, Straszka pospolita.


Our theatrical experiences, strictly connected with a wide area of puppetry and acting (...area of animated objects and puppets; formal ways of expression in acting; pictures in the motion; roles traveling from one actor to another and actors running away from one role...), have always been mutating, evolving on the ground of meeting with artists representing different disciplines of art: puppetry, drama, music, fine arts, visual arts. The creative impulses always came from the unexpected crossroads and always leaded into surprising areas of theater activity. We have followed the "impulsive guides" to leave beside us the past and the future and get for a moment into where theater lives – into the present tense.

We are going forward our Coincidental way with a strong faith in using the impulses, which are going to appear on the crossroads of our ideas and ideas of artists collaborating with the Group in the future projects.

We invite you to the performances of Grupa Coincidentia – to the places where your and our ways will cross in the present tense.


Grupa Coincidentia is Dagmara Sowa & Paweł Chomczyk


Artists collaborating with the Group:


directors and playwrights: Paweł Aigner, Robert Jarosz, Paweł Passini, Christiane Zanger, Jarosław Jakubowski, Łukasz Kos, Michał Walczak, Michael Vogel, Christoph Bochdansky, Marta Guśniowska, Robert Drobniuch


stage designers: Wiesław Jurkowski, Pavel Hubićka, Jan Polivka


moviemakers and visual artists: Michalina Kostecka, Maria Porzyc, Krzysztof Kiziewicz, Małgorzata Wosik, group Hermanos de Chamuco, Joanna Niemirska, Karolina Maksimowicz


musicians: Krzysztof Dzierma, Robert Jurćo, Marek Kulikowski, Anna Świętochowska, Katarzyna Świętochowska, Patryk Lichota, Cezary Szyfman, Charlotte Wilde, Piotr Klimek, the band Burakura, Dominik Strycharski, Jerzy Bielski, Bogusław Kasperuk


actors, puppeteers, dancers: Krzysztof Prystupa, Katarzyna Tadeusz, Iga Załęczna, Mariusz Laskowski, Michael Vogel, Florian Feisel, Michał Jarmoszuk, Katarzyna Gacal, Samira Lehmann, Stefan Wenzel, Łucja Grzeszczyk, Błażej Twarowski, Andrzej Kuba Sielski, Karolina Garbacik


Dagmara Sowa (born in 1980)

graduate of Aleksander Zelwerowicz's Theatre Academy(Department of Puppetry Arts in Bialystok); co-founder and member of Artistic Promotion Society and independent groups Akcja DZRT, Kompania Doomsday and Grupa Coincidentia; took part in many theatrical projects (There's something to do about it by Topor and Heat-house effect by Witkacy in Akcja DZRT; Until Doomsday, Salome, Mewa in Kompania Doomsday and Murdas. The Tale, The Floorless, Turandot, Szopka – polish nativity play in Grupa Coincidentia.

Sowa performed in many international theater festivals in Poland, Egipt, U.S.A, Mexico, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, France, Ukraine, Latvia, Italy and was awarded for the performances of There's something to do about it, Heat-house effect, Salome and Murdas.The Tale. Dagmara Sowa is coordinating international festival of Bialysztuk organized by Artistic Promotion Society in Bialystok.


Paweł Chomczyk (born in 1978)

graduated from University in Bialystok(Department of Psychology and Pedagogic) and Aleksander Zelwerowicz's Theatre Academy (Department of Puppetry Arts in Bialystok); Actor and puppeteer, co-founder and member of Kompania Doomsday and Grupa Coincidentia, teacher at Theatre Academy, Department of Puppetry Arts in Bialystok and The Fryderyk Chopin University of Music, Department of Instrumental and Educational Studies in Bialystok.

Pawel Chomczyk took part as an actor/puppeteer and producer in many international independent projects of Kompania Doomsday and Grupa Coincidentia; is a guest performer in state theaters in Bialystok, Warsaw and Torun; played roles in radio dramas, tv movies, independent movies and solo music performances; conducted puppetry workshops for students of Department of Theater and Dance at University in Buffalo (U.S.A).