BIOTOPIA - international discussion and session of artists in Solniki 44

September 25 - 29, 2017


A fertile ground for germination and realization of ideas, fed with creative energy. Without artificial additives, with genuine passion and commitment, often on the periphery. Sometimes, with difficulty and in demanding conditions, but who said that practicing art is easy? Especially when we decide on our own "garden" and work alone. How to work to achieve the best ideas, originality of varieties and forms? What ideal circumstances require artistic development? And yet: what to follow when the aura is not conducive?

These and other questions about non-institutional creativity will appear at the third session of an international BIOTOPIA project, which will take place between 25th and 29th of September in the Siedlisko Kultury Solniki 44 (Poland).

The project was born out of the desire to combine the artistic and organizational skills of two independent theatrical scenes - the German Lindenfels Westfluegel from Leipzig and the Polish Solniki 44, created by the Coincidentia Group. The aim of the project is to exchange experiences, practices and solutions. Both - those associated with the creative process itself and the quest for new inspirations and ideas, as well as the daily problems of independent groups in terms of logistics, production, financing. In the assumption of the project's originators, BIOTOPIA is the space between the utopia and the laboratory, where as in the "greenhouse", on the ground of exchange and joining forces, a turbulent process of creativity growth takes place. Research – in terms of practical and theoretical work, began in March in Leipzig, where artists, critics and animators of culture from Poland and Germany launched the project. During the one-week session: improvisations, discussion panels and a show for the audience took place. These activities continued in July, in Solniki, where in the seclusion of the Podlasie nature, the developers deepened their artistic explorations. Additionally to the projects events - selected productions of the Coincidentia Group and Lindenfels Westfluegel from Leipzig ("The Monstrum Band", "Krabat", "Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus") were presented to the audience. There was as well the debate of representatives of several independent theatrical groups, artists, representatives of cultural institutions.

Similar actions are planned for the forthcoming - third BIOTOPIA session, which will take place again in Solniki. Participants of the project will present to the audience the effect of their theatrical improvisations, circulating around puzzling stories and findings from the area. Among the invited guests - creators from Polish and German independent groups, representatives of culture and scientific circles, another panel discussion is scheduled, in which we will investigate whether BIOTOPIA - ideal space for unfettered and autonomous creative activity - is possible? What are the difficulties and threats facing the culture-creating environment today? What can Biotopia and independent art offer to the audience? Or what strategies to choose to approach Biotopia?


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The project is implemented under the program "Szenenwechsel" by Robert Bosch Stiftung, with the support of the Marshal Office of the Podlaskie Voivodship, Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen, Kulturamt Stadt Leipzig and in cooperation with the Bialystok Puppet Theater and Puppet Theater in Kielce.