Ściana z widokiem, fot. Bogusław Kasperuk

The wall with a view

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  • author: Robert Jarosz
  • director: Konrad Dworakowski
  • music: Robert Jurčo
  • set design: Konrad Dworakowski
  • multimedia: Sebastian Łukaszuk, Konrad Dworakowski
  • set design cooperation: Małgorzata Tarasewicz-Wosik
  • pedagogical consultations: Mariola Wojtkiewicz
  • visual workshops: Martyna Dworakowska
  • lighting design: Bogusław Kasperuk


  • Dagmara Sowa (Orso)
  • Pawel Chomczyk (Kuba)
  • Krystian Chomczyk (Child)

Closeness, tenderness, presence - concepts so important to each of us, necessary to build relationships and a safe vision of the world, has been put under pressure in one moment. We are losing them as a result of our closure and growing loneliness. Or maybe the emptiness we feel has always been part of us, only now we see it more clearly? In this void, we look for new concepts and redefine others. In the performance of "The Wall with a View" we try to do it with a metaphor, because we believe that it will allow us to better understand the world.
Using materials from creative workshops with children and young people, we create a model that we poetically adjust to realities perceived on a micro and macro scale. The world of Kuba, the protagonist of the show, is a cosmos that can be enclosed in a small aquarium, and at the same time is beyond imaginable limits. His loneliness is the loneliness of one child and the loneliness of all of us. Together with the protagonist, we are looking for an antidote to this void. Perhaps it could just be a meeting with another human being? We express the pleasure and joy that come from it through art. For us, art is a door that we try to create on our symbolic wall. Bruno Schulz wrote in "Loneliness": "There is no room walled up so that it does not open to a trusted door." With the participation of the spectators, we will try to "insinuate" such a door by asking a questions, not what is behind it, but how to get there.